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Automatic Transmission Shop in Summerlin South NV

Automatic Transmission Shop in Summerlin South NV

Regularly scheduled preventative transmission maintenance can help you to preserve the condition of your vehicle's transmission, extend its life, and detect any potential problems early to save you from a costly transmission rebuild or replacement down the road. For comprehensive automatic transmission shop in Summerlin South, NV, bring your vehicle into United Transmission Auto Care Center today. Our expert technicians are the best transmission mechanics in the Las Vegas area! Our work is good, and our pricing is fair and transparent. We never oversell, and we've established a reputation for being the reputable transmission shop in Vegas. We work hard every day to maintain our reputation.

Realizing the need for regular preventative transmission maintenance, you might wonder, "What kind of maintenance does the transmission require?" Here are some basic kinds of transmission maintenance you should utilize.

Change the Transmission Fluid

To check your fluid, start your car and get the engine warm. Check the transmission fluid dipstick to make sure the fluid level is up to factory recommended levels. If the fluid level is a little low, it's okay to top it off with some fresh fluid. Just make sure you use the right kind for your vehicle! Check the color and smell of the fluid in your transmission. Dark colored or burnt-smelling fluid could signal a problem. Transmission fluid should be changed every 35k-50k miles.

Replace the Transmission Filter

Not all filters can be replaced, but if yours can, it should be replaced every time you change the fluid. Changing the transmission fluid involves draining or flushing the system to remove built-up sludge. Dirty or clogged transmission filters will place excess stress on your transmission. Fortunately, transmission filters are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Clean and Remove Any Grime

Over time, the transmission fluid pan and filter will collect dirt and grime. This sludge must be cleaned out, or it will contaminate your fresh transmission fluid. Additionally, it will cause undue stress on your transmission and lead to bigger problems. The sealing surface, transmission case, transmission pan, and gasket should all be cleaned of grime. Also, if you're doing it by yourself, be sure to clean up any fluid that spills into your exhaust.

Replace the Pan Gasket

Eventually, your pan gasket will succumb to wear and tear, usually in the form of cracking. If you are noticing that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, a cracked pan gasket might be the problem. The pan gasket is inexpensive but is a bit labor-intensive because the transmission must be dropped to remove it.

Routine Transmission Maintenance is the Key

Periodic transmission maintenance will keep your vehicle performing at optimal levels. Transmission maintenance is a small investment that will save you thousands of dollars later on. For a smooth, efficient, and safe operating vehicle, it is important that you don't overlook transmission maintenance!

Routine transmission maintenance is a great time to inspect for trouble. The way to prevent or postpone the major expenses of a transmission rebuild or replacement is through regularly scheduled transmission maintenance. For the best automatic transmission shop in Summerlin South, NV, visit United Transmission Auto Care Center LV.

Automatic Transmission Shop in Summerlin South NV
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