Oil Change Plano Tx

Oil Change Plano Tx

Oil change remains an essential part of auto repair and maintenance. At Auto Works Plano, we offer excellent oil change services. Our expert technicians possess the tools and experience to provide oil change for various models of cars, including domestic and foreign models. We will provide your vehicle with the right type of oil change at the best prices. Anytime you need an oil change in Plano TX, Auto Works Plano is the ideal expert to turn to. We will get the job done promptly and excellently.

What Is A Full-Service Oil Change?

Oil plays an integral part in the operation of your vehicle. Over time, as it moves through your engine, your oil can pick up debris and other particles, causing it to become sluggish and less effective

A full-service oil change is the comprehensive maintenance service of removing the used oil in your engine and replacing it with new clean oil. It also involves the total cleaning of the oil filter and lubrication of chassis components according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specs. It can also include checking of the engine for oil leaks.

An oil change is fundamental for your vehicle to ensure maximum life and performance, if it is neglected, and you run out of oil, friction starts, the engine blows up. Full-service oil change prevents the engine from damage and failure.

What's Included In Oil Change?

 An oil change includes the comprehensive maintenance and the careful replacement of your vehicle’s oil. Topping off all other fluids, replacing your oil filter, and other things. Below are some of what is included in an oil change:

  • Engine oil change, which must be up to 5 quarts of oil.
  • Check or installation of a new oil filter.
  • Air filter inspection and replacement
  • Power steering fluid inspection and top up.
  • Transmission fluid inspection and top up.
  • Battery check.
  • Fuel injection system inspection and cleaning.
  • Wiper blades inspection and replacement if needed.
  • Tire pressure check and adjustment.
  • Exterior windshield wash
  • Chassis inspection and lubrication if needed.
  • Coolant or antifreeze check
  • Serpentine Belt check.
  • Exterior lights inspection.

How Much Is An Oil Change?

Having fresh, clean oil in your engine is vital for its effectiveness. So how much should an oil change cost? Well, unfortunately, there seems to be no definite answer to this. An oil change may also involve a lot of other additional work. An oil change typically costs between $20 to $55. However, this price depends on some factors:

  • The type of oil you choose, or the one your vehicle requires.
  • The number of quarts of oil.
  • The location.
  • Labor cost.
  • Additional add on.

Need Oil Change in Plano TX? Contact Us Today!

Changing your vehicle’s oil by yourself can be a hassle. Contact us today at Auto Works Plano for professional oil change service. Our ASE-certified technicians will go the extra mile to offer you outstanding services that will surpass your expectations. An amazing experience awaits you.

Oil Change Plano Tx
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