Performance Auto Plano

Performance Auto Plano

Restoring a classic performance car is an affordable way of getting the old driving experience at a fraction of the cost. These vintage pieces are lighter than and lower than modern cars; hence, they generally have excellent handling. Besides, a vintage car has a unique and beautiful body shape and design that will be a rarity in the town or street of your neighborhood. 

What to expect during the restoration of a classic


The first step is the most difficult because one has to dig out every little problematic area of the car. It takes time and skillful effort to study the unseen performance in Auto Plano that has been under the garage covers for too long. It is necessary to call an expert if you do not want to keep up the project for longer than anticipated.

Another vital facet of restoration is the actual condition of the body and the frame. Book a consultation with our office to understand how the mechanics will evaluate the full auto repair service.

Assessment of parts

Listing the parts of a damaged classic car is the first critical stage of a repair. The list can be extremely long or short, depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle. You will be lucky if you can salvage some of the parts.

Original parts are harder to find, but they offer better assurance. Additionally, they may cost more than inauthentic replacement parts. Our office knows where to source car parts that will not diminish the original performance. 


The Auto Work Shop will give you a rough quote of the car’s repair. Sometimes, cars require extra labor and resources after a thorough evaluation. It is critical to pad the final quote before committing yourself to the service. The specific model of the car will determine how high or low the quote will be. The last quote may include additional fees for towing and shuttle transportation.

Better safety equipment

Old cars usually have outdated or on-functioning safety features. They will lack airbags and loose or missing seatbelts. The auto shop will evaluate all interior safety concerns as well as ones hidden in the car’s part. 

Nowadays, the mechanics can upgrade the electronics to include a rear-parking camera, keyless entry, and air conditioning. The alterations will be unnoticeable when you employ professional repair services. Other electronic upgrades may consist of a Bluetooth entertainment system and parking sensors.

Questions to ask yourself before restoring a car for performance in Auto Plano

  • These queries will prepare you for the budget and dedication it takes to revamp an old machine,
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have transport means as we refurbish the car?
  • What is the maximum timeframe you have for us to complete the project?
  • Can you trust the car restoration team?
  • Can you maintain the car with regular checkups from Auto Work?

Restoring a classic car should be an enthralling experience that delivers something you love to drive. Our mechanics understand the fine line between preference and originality. Previous projects have married both concepts to provide high-quality work with apparent improvement.  


Performance Auto Plano
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