Performance Kits For Cars

Performance Kits For Cars

The improvement of a car’s performance depends on improved stability, traction, speed, and handling. Investing in a service that knows which kits will enhance the vehicle will make a difference in the car’s feel and outlook. Auto Work has lift kits for luxury cars, European cars, and American classics.

How different lift kits affect the car’s performance

Suspension lift kit

Body and suspension kits can improve the vehicle’s body without dismantling the frame by lifting the frame both the rear and front ends. Coils and spring lifts are convenient for better off-road performance. A skilled auto shop will study the vehicle’s stance to determine the needed size of tires and clearance to keep the car stable while it’s on a higher speed.

Suspension leveling kit

These performance kits for cars only raise the front of the vehicle, to improve the factory set level of the rake. The result will be a level car that does not hang on the rear end or cause rubbing of tires. Leveling makes it easier to switch to bigger tires without compromising the stability of the car.

What is the difference between car lifts and truck lifts?

Truck lift kit

Truck lifts are meant to improve clearance from the ground. This setup makes it possible for the trucks to go over rough terrains without causing damage to the underbelly of the car. The kits are suitable for vehicles that already have the structure for diverse terrains, such as the 4x4 truck. 

The suspension kit raises the car by replacing the front and rear shocks. It will elevate a vehicle to at least 4 inches and a maximum of six inches from the original height. It is impossible to use truck lift kits on cars because the handling would be fragile.

Car lift kit

Car lifts are performance kits for cars that require better aesthetics. The aim is to allow the installation of more significant and taller tires. The only improved functionality of the car will arise from the larger surface area of the tires. A car lift will not make it possible for the vehicle to drive on off roads any better than it did before. 

The car body lift kit will elevate the car between one and three inches from its original height. The mechanics perform this by lifting the body from the frame. This setup means that the under carry will maintain the initial clearance level from the ground.

How will the mechanic choose the right performance kit?

The determinant of which one to use is the size of tires that will be needed. The experienced auto shop has specific ways of narrowing down the specifications. One has to study the following aspects to evaluate the required suspension lift:

  • The diameter of the car
  • Width of the tires
  • Model and make of the vehicle
  • Amount of rim in exposure
  • The current clearance level

A lifted truck has to undergo the proper maintenance to keep the performance at an optimum level. We have competitive installation, shuttle, and towing service to cater to any emergencies with your truck.


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